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Getting the best monster in DQMJ2 Pro


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Note: These side is made for Libranex, which isn't the strongest monster, but one of the strongest monster in DQM: Joker 2 Pro.
Now, "Hihyudorado"/EvilBst is the strongest, if anyone of you would like to list a combination of him like I do with the "Monsters to scout" and "Breeding",
I created a new page here: How to breed: Hihyudorado / EvilBst.

Monsters to scout (for breeding)

Note: The order is like in the Word Document (like the rank of the result for breeding).

  • MetalDrg.png MetalDrg (Underworld)
  • Red Dragon.png Red Dragon (Underworld)
  • Spiderking.png SpiderKing (Cliffs, Part 8)
  • Heligator.png Heligator (Underworld)
  • Paws.png Paws (Coast, Part ?)
  • Great Dragon.png Great Dragon (Underworld)
  • Sintaur.png Sintaur (Underground Ruins Part 7 / Part 4 - left map)
  • Nodoph.png Nodoph (Underground Ruins (part 8), after defeating Leonyx)
  • Hadescondor.png MadCondor (Cliffs, Part 2)
  • Batteringram.png BatteringRam (Snowy Area, Part 5, night)
  • Moosifer.png Moosifer (Underworld)
  • FallenPriest.png FallenPriest (Underground Ruins, part ?)
  • Bosstroll.png BossTroll (Jungle Rainy, Swamp Area, night)
  • BlizzyBody.png Blizzybody (Cliffs, Part 5)
  • Flamethrower.png Flamethrower (Underground Ruins, part ?)
  • Silvapithecus.png Silvapitec (Cliffs, Part 6)
  • Dierantula.png Dierantula (Cliffs, Part 7, night)
  • Drakularge.png Drakularge (Underground Ruins, part 5)
  • Pazuzu.png Pazuzu (Underworld)
  • Atlas.png Atlas (Snowy Area, Part 5)
  • OctaSentry.png OctaSentry (Coast, Cave)
  • Torai.png Torai (Rank S, Coast (Part 2 - Cave), Water) NOTE: After beating the game !!!
  • Pipit.png Pipit (After clearing the New World, talk to it in the Elder house and he will join you.)
  • DemonAtArms.png DemonAtArms (Underground Ruins (part 8), after defeating Leonyx)
  • Captain Crow.png CptCrow (look at http://dqmj2p.wikkii.com/wiki/Special_Monsters_%28only_1x_scoutable%29 how to get him)
  • Estark.png Estark (look at http://dqmj2p.wikkii.com/wiki/Special_Monsters_%28only_1x_scoutable%29 how to get him)
  • WulfspadeAce.png WulfspadeAce (look at http://dqmj2p.wikkii.com/wiki/Special_Monsters_%28only_1x_scoutable%29 how to get him)
  • LionKid.png LionKid (after clearing the game (!), buy an egg for 88.000 G in the shop in "New World" and bring it to New World Part 6)
  • [[]] ??? (add place, if you know)

  • [[]] ??? (add place, if you know)

  • [[]] ??? (add place, if you know)

  • [[]] ??? (add place, if you know)

    Breeding (for best monster, step by step)

  • I've uploaded a Word Document on Mediafire, because it's easier with this instead of the wiki.
    Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?orvr37rvc7qc63v (reuploaded by WPL, now with english names !!!)
  • Note: Have fun breeding. =)

    Edit: (by WPL) Here are the combinations for Rapthorne form 1:

    1st batch
    Metal Dragon x Great Dragon = Mech-o-Wyrm
    Giant Hills Dragon x Pazuzu = Giant Dragon
    Giant Dragon x Mech-o-Wyrm = Alabast Dragon

    2nd Batch
    Bone Knight x Bone Knight = Bone Baron
    Bone Baron x Killer Machine = Pisaro Knight
    Mum x Boh x jum x Boe = Mumbo-Jumboe (i hope you get the idea on this one)
    Mumbo-jumboe x Living Statue (or any other high rank object monster)= Ruin
    Pisaro knight x Ruin = Pisaro

    Alabast Dragon x Pisaro = Dholmagus

    3rd Batch
    Gryphon x Bazuzu = Jamirus
    Arch Demon x Gold Man = Belial
    Jamirus x Belial = Gemon
    Skull Arach x Dulan = Hargon
    Hargon x Gemon = Baramos
    Baramos x Oceanon = Nimzo

    Dhomagus x Nimzo = Rapthorne form 1


  • for faster combinations, just use Metal Tickets (Suggested amount for one team: ??)
  • Suggested Level before Breeding: 25 (when using Metal Tickets)
  • (feel free to add more)

    Picture of Libranex, one of the best monsters: Libranex.png

    Additional Breeding Charts for Best Monster Breeding 1005190923381f9b786d815389.jpg 1005081328895d0b1f3afec1ed.jpg 100519092311d5a86b83be7fb6.jpg 100508132853cffa193655b405.jpg 100508132231eb9f63fa48519b.jpg 10050813227e022a021f712e37.jpg 1005081322ad24c657d0fc5.jpg
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